General structure

Sunday 11 October

17,00 – 18,00  Registration

18,00 – 20,00  Welcome drink


Monday 12 October

8,00 – 9, 00 Registration

9,00 – 10, 00 Opening ceremony

10,00 – 10,30  Coffee break


10,30 – 11,00   Opening lecture: Global fertility loss of dehydrated landscapes the main reason for climate change?
Ripl, W.


11,00 – 12,00  WATER AND CLIMATE  Chairs: Jan Pokorný and David Harper

Assessment of sustainable landscape management and role of wetlands, using thermal remote sensing data
Pokorný, J., Hesslerová, P., Huryna, H.

Landscape Revitalisation and Integrated River Basin Management Programme for the Slovak Republic – 18 months of implementation
Kováč, M., Kravčík, M. et al.

Wetlands in agriculture area of Naivasha Lake catchment (Forest, Papyrus, small farms)- does vegetation waste or attract water?
Harper, D., Pokorny, J., Morrison, R. et al.

12,00 – 13,30  Lunch

13,30-15,00 WATER AND CLIMATE cont.

Modernization of irrigation: A bad trade for nature and society
Hernandez, E., Fernandez, A., Fuentelsaz,F., Peiteado, C., Seiz, R.

The role of river floodplains in flood mitigation – Central European experience
Pithart, D., Dostál, T., Weyskrabová, L.

Restoring Peatlands in Russia – for fire prevention and climate change mitigation: the experience of large scale rewetting project
Sirin, A., Suvorov, G. , Medvedeva, M., Maslov, A., Makarov, D., Vozbrannaya, A., Valyaeva, N., Glukhova, T., Tsyganova, O., Markina, A., Minayeva, T., Silvius, M., Bednar, J.,  Schrier, A., Joosten, H., Couwenberg, J., Gummert, I. Peters, J.

15,00 – 15,30 Coffee break

15,30 – 17,00  AGRICULTURAL POLLUTION  Chairs: Jan Vymazal and Karin Tonderski

Keynote lecture 1. Nitrogen and phosphorus removal in agricultural wetlands
Tonderski, K., Geranmayeh, P., Johannesson, K., Ulén. B., Weisner, S.E.B.

Keynote lecture 2. Constructed wetlands for removal of pesticides from agricultural runoff
Vymazal, J.

Integrated buffer zones – a new tool for nutrient retention of agricultural drainage and surface water
Strand, J.A., Feuerbach, P., Kronvang, B., Hoffmann, C.C., Jensen, H.

17,00 – 17,30 Coffee break

17,30 – 19,00 AGRICULTURAL POLLUTION  cont.

Level-adjusted constructed wetlands (LACWs) – a new concept of viewing nutrient leakage
Strand, J.A., Weisner, S.E.B., Feuerbach, P.

Assessing the eutrophication problems of the shallow Lake Lesser Prespa in Greece – a landscape approach
V.Maliaka, V., Fritz, C., Van Oosterhout, F., Lürling, M., Smolders, A.J.P.

Fishpond sediment – A new perspective of nutrients recycling in agricultural landscapes
Potužák, J., Duras, J., Pokorný, J., Kröpfelová, L., Šulcová, J., Chmelová, I., Novotný, O.

Root oxygen release a key for healthy paludicrops and cushion plants dominating biogeochemical carbon and nutrient cycling                       Christian Fritz, C., Dollu, B., Grootjans, A., Smolders, F., van Dijk, G., Pancotto, V.

20,00 – 22,30 Welcome reception


Tuesday 13 October

8,30 – 10, 00  BIODIVERSITY  Chairs: Max Finlayson, Jean Jalbert

Keynote lecture 1: Issues associated with wetland biodiversity and agriculture globally, and extent of agriculture in Ramsar wetlands
Finlayson, M.

Keynote lecture 2: Agriculture and wetlands in the Mediterranean basin, an overview
Jalbert, J.

Wet meadows restoration and management at Lesser Prespa Lake, Greece
Logotheti, A., Koutseri, I., Malakou, M.

10,00 – 10,30 Coffee break

10,30 – 12,00 BIODIVERSITY cont.

Peatlands in steppe and forest-steppe regions under changing climate and human activities
Sirin, A., Minayeva, T., Ilyasov,D., Suvorov, G., Martynenko, V., Kuznetsov, E.

Importance of wetlands within arable land for breeding of Northern Lawping
Zámečník, V.

Towards agricultural practices favorable to wetlands natural resources, lessons learned from Doñana, Spain
Fuentelsaz, F.

Ricefields winter flooding for waterfowl in Europe: a management to be promoted?                                                                                                      Pernollet, C.

Biodiversity of wetlands on arable land in Znojmo region (Czech Republic)                                                                                                                           Němec, R.

12,00  – 13,30 Lunch

13,30 – 15,00 PALUDICULTURE  Chairs: Jan Květ and Wendelin Wichtmann

Keynote lecture 1: Peatlands and paludiculture
Hans Joosten – presented by W. Wichtmann

Keynote lecture 2: Wetland crops in Europe?
Květ, J., Čížková, H., Eiseltová, M., R. Edwards, K.R.

Wetland Energy – Biomass from rewetted excavated peatlands for briquettes production
W. Wichtmann, W., Romanovski, C., Golovati, S., Butzhko, A., V. Pashinskym, Rakovich, V., Liashchynskaya, N., Sosinov, O., Yanka Kupala, Y., Zalesski, I.

Potential Paludiculture Plants – A system approach illustrating paludiculture diversity
Abel S., Joosten H.

15,00 – 15,30 Coffee break

15,30 – 17,00 PALUDICULTURE cont.

Principles of biomass harvesting in wet and rewetted peatlands
Christian Schröder

Paludiculture in a drained Mediteranean peatland: Energy yields from anaerobic digestion of Common Reed (Phragmites australis L.)
Dragoni, F., Giannini, V., Bonari, , E., Silvestri, N.

Combustibility of biomass from perennial crops cultivated on a rewetted Mediterranean peatland
Giannini, V., Dragoni, F., Bonari, E., Oehmke, C., Wichtmann, W., Silvestri, N.

Biomass pellets from rewetted fens: Production, combustion and economic feasibility
Claudia Oehmke, C., Dahms, T.

Chances and challenges for paludiculture in the Netherlands
Geurts, M., Fritz, C., Lamers, L.P.M.

Wetland energy – sustainable development of former excavated peatlands in Belarus
Haberl, A., Wichtmann, W., Rakovich, V., Sivagrakov, A., Tanovitskaya, N., Kundas, S., Rodzkin, A., Zalesski, I., Burlo, A., Liashchynskaya, N.

17,00 – 18,30 Poster session


Wednesday 14 October

8,30 – 16,30 Field trips

18,30 – 22,00 Regional evening


Thursday 15 October

8,30 – 10,00  CONSERVATION, RESTORATION AND CREATION OF WETLANDS   Chairs: Martina Eiseltová, Bent Madsen

Keynote lecture: What nature has joined, man should not tear asunder                                                                                                                                 Madsen, B. L.

Reestablished wetlands in stream systems: a Ebert, K. M.

Cnidion dubii meadows in Lower Odra Valley National Park, Germany – chances for development                                                                        Wojciechowska, M., Tanneberger, F.

Fitness, plasticity, and the role of the diaspore bank of the semiaquatic Cyperus fuscus in near natural and secondary habitats                      Böckelmann, J., Bernhardt, K.-G., Tremetsberger, K., Šumberová, K.

10,00 – 10,30 Coffee break

LIFE for wetlands in agricultural landscapes – examples and best practice                                                                                                                                Trokanova, L.

Restoring a raised bog – a view from a biodiversity and climate perspective                                                                                                                            Hahn, P.

Wetlands restoration in farmland of Danube lowland in Slovakia                                                                                                                                         Tuhárska, K., Sobeková, K.

Can we mitigate the non-point pollution in agricultural landscapes by rewetting of peatlands?                                                                                         Zak, D., Cabezas, A., Augustin, J., Gelbrecht, J., McInnes, R.

Large branchiopods in periodically flooded field wetlands: a challenge for nature conservation in ephemeral agricultural habitats                Sychra, J., Merta, L., Zavadil, V.

12,00 – 13,30 Lunch

13,30 – 15,00 LEGISLATION AND POLICY  Chairs: Peter Pouplier and Libuše Vlasáková

Key lecture: Framework for wetlands in Denmark – policy, legislation and present challenges                                                                                       Kirkebaek, M.

EU policy : obstacles and incentives to wetland rehabilitation and paludiculture                                                                                                               Coehlo, V.

Financial instruments in nature and landscape management in the Czech Republic
Trnka, P.

Open discussion

15,00 – 15,30 Coffee break

15,30 – 17,00  STAKEHOLDERS´S VIEW ON WETLANDS  Chairs: Francisco A. Comín and Hana Čížková

Keynote lecture:  Integrating wetland conservation and restoration into agricultural practices to promote sustainable development of agricultural landscapes
Comín, F.A., Čížková, H.

Pond Conservation meets Ecosystem Services in Southern Sweden
Stewart, R.I.A., Andersson, G.K.S., Brönmark, C., Klatt, B.K., Hansson, L.-A., Zülsdorff, V., Smith, H. G.

Norfolk Ponds Project: Stakeholder’s views of farmland ponds
Greaves, H., Sayer, C.

Landowners and volunteers as stakeholders in stream management
Kaare Manniche Ebert

Open discussion


Friday 16 October

8,30 – 10,30 Reports by session chairs

10,30 – 11,00 Coffee break

11,00 – 12,30  Closing session

12,30 – 14,00 Lunch