Conference overview

The Conference Wetlands in Agricultural Landscapes: Present State and Perspectives in Europe held in week of 11-16 October 2015 in České Budějovice, Czech Republic.

The Conference was organized in order to evaluate the potential for wetland integration in the intensively managed landscapes in Europe. Over 170 participants of 20 countries included both wetland and agriculture scientists as well as nature conservation and agriculture managers contributed to the success of the conference.

Discussed topics:

  • Biodiversity: The importance of wetlands for biodiversity in intensely-agriculturally-managed landscapes
  • Paludiculture: Sustainable agricultural management of wetlands and rewetted peatlands
  • Agricultural pollution: Effects of fertilizers and pesticides on wetlands. Wetlands designed for treating agricultural pollution from both point and non-point sources
  • Water and climate: Role of wetlands in the stabilization of the water regime and mitigation of undesirable effects of climate change in agricultural regions
  • Conservation, restoration and creation of wetlands situated in predominantly agriculturally-managed regions
  • Legislation and policy: The present position of wetlands in the legislation and agricultural policies of the European Union and individual European countries (also including non-EU ones
  • Stakeholders views of wetlands: are there win-win solutions?


Book of Abstracts Wetlands in Agricultural Landscapes


Conference Conclusions and Recommendations


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